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DJI Mavic Air - A New Drone

I love drones! My first was a DJI Phantom 2, I then went up to the magnificent DJI Inspire 1. I even went as far as getting my qualification to be able to legally offer commercial aerial photography/video services. Anyway, the qualification expired, work wasn't forthcoming and my interest waned.

When DJI released the ultra-compact DJI Spark my drone love came back. A drone that was truly portable. OK so it only recorded 1080 video, and the camera was only 12mp, but it was small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage on a flight. Awesome!

On January 23rd 2018 DJI launched the Mavic Air, another portable (though bigger than the Spark) drone. It appears to fit between the DJI Spark and DJI Mavic Pro. This new one boast a whole range of obstacle avoidance technology, a 12mp shooter, but it can record video at 4k. Looks like an interesting piece of kit.

Will you be buying one? I've linked below to some of my aerial photography on Flickr.

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