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Story of an Image - Number 12

A street in Spain, literally millions of lights, so what's the story?

Las Fallas is a traditional celebration, held annually in commemoration of Saint Joseph, in the city of Valencia, Spain. The term Fallas refers to both the celebration and the monuments burnt during the celebration.

I was aware of Las Fallas but had never visited. However one year I read of a potentially interesting part of the celebrations, a competition to find the best illuminated street. Now that sounds like a photo opportunity I thought! It meant driving 160 km, and what if it was rubbish? Well life would be boring if we didn't take chances every now and then eh!

So, decision made, the drive was undertaken. Having found some parking within walking distance, I made my way to the neighbourhood where the competition was being held.

Wow! The images I took don't do justice to just how impressive it was. No one knows how to celebrate like the Spanish, and they put a huge effort into this competition.

My 320 km round trip was worth it. The illuminated street of Valencia are great to see.

If you are interested in the settings, it was 1/60th of a second at ISO360 with aperture at f4.

Thank you for reading.

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