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Story of an image - Number 6

So what are we looking at here? This beautiful building is Casa Carbonell. It's situated at the end of La Explanada de España in Alicante. If you ever get the time, have a search around the web and see if you can find the legend relating to it It's a great story - whether it's true or not!

Anyway I digress.

Not only do I love this building, but this photo means a lot to me because I won a photographic competition with it. Yay go me!

Normally when you see shots of Casa Carbonell you see blue sky, or reflections in the water of the Port, or the Santa Barbara castle in the background. It's not often you see this iconic building in stark black and white.

I found out about the competition and wanted to enter. The theme was Black and White. I'd taken the above shot, but wasn't satisfied with the end result. I liked the composition, the way the water from the fountain leads into the architecture, but something was not quite doing it for me.

With the competition in mind I decided to do a black and white conversion. Not only that, but I really cranked up the contrast till the sky almost turned black. At last I had a shot that did something for me. Obviously it also did something for the judges of the competition because I won!

If you are interested in the settings, it was 1/400th of a second at ISO100 with aperture at f10.

Thank you for reading.

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